Urban Planning App: Urbansat takes top price at Space App developer Camp from European Space Agency

Out of 100 team who applied for participation in ESA space developer App camp,  6 teams were selected to spend one week of incubation at European Space Agency, ESRIN in Frascati, Italy. We were delighted to be one them. After a week of couching by satellite data experts from ESA, business experts, technical support, we delivered an App Urbansat.  Its mission is to guide urban planning in a more ecological and green way and give the real time predictions of an environmental impact from planned building construction.  It provides a range of data for urban planners, including information on green spaces, terrain and biodiversity and more, all in one place and at an affordable price. The app’s map interface has a drag and drop feature, which would allow users to compare scenarios pre and post build for their construction projects, through the generation of relevant data, largely derived from Sentinel satellites.


Our Urbansat App won a top Prize from European Space Angency developer camp 2018 .

Read more about this on ESA website.